Looking professionally, what does healthy laundry mean?

It would be more accurate to say the right laundry, or the right choice of laundry. Proper choice of underwear contributes to maintaining the health and healthy lifestyle of an individual. As the right choice of food and food and lifestyle means proper diet and proper lifestyle habits, which are important for health. When we talk about underwear, the previous answer lists the most important elements that are important for the correct choice of underwear, and these are primarily natural materials, appropriate size and cut.

Why are OKTANKE actually healthy pants?

Nowhere do they tighten due to the way of weaving the special type of cotton from which they are made, they do not contain elastin in their composition, so they do not cause allergies. They don’t squeeze, and yet they keep everything under control. Designed as a deeper model that follows just about every type of differently built men, the legs are long enough and optimally wide to help eliminate the problem of friction of the inner thighs. The way it is made is also special – all the seams are invisible and soft, and yet firm enough not to crack when worn.

Men’s underwear is an important link in every man’s life and many do not think about it until problems arise. And they can be unpleasant allergies due to wearing synthetic fabrics as well as overheating the testicles which causes certain complications. Wearing models that are too narrow and do not stretch, there is increased pressure on the scrotum and testicles, which can cause additional unpleasant manifestations of warming, pain and even disorders of spermatogenesis. Also, inadequate underwear can create the problem of tightening the area under the abdomen (uncomfortable rubber for example), seams that are not well treated create friction and damage the already thin skin in that area. If we expand the picture, many men need support in various postoperative phases, of which there are many today. I met OKTANKE and I must say that this is a product that fully meets the needs of quality underwear and rightly bears the epithet of the First Croatian Healthy Underpants. ”(Dr.spec.o.m.Jasna Krajač)